“Hard-working, loyal, smart and creative...”


Former Editor Daily Mirror. Now TV megastar on both sides of the Atlantic
“Peter Cox and Bob Bird worked alongside me for more than a decade. In the fast-moving and ever-changing world of media you need cool heads but quick reactions. These men had both. They were outstanding professionals and helped make the papers they worked for the commercial and journalistic successes they became”.


Former Editor of The Sun. Now TV personality, pundit, speaker and occasionally one of the Grumpy Old Men

“Peter Cox is a whirlwind of energy, humour and plain speaking. I can still fondly remember him strolling over to my Bizarre desk at the Sun and uttering the immortal words: "Piers, old chap, don't take this the wrong way, but this column is crap." He was an incredibly professional, driven, conscientious executive, and great fun in the pub after the day's war had been won or lost. A great journalist, and a great guy.”

Piers Morgan

Former Editor of The Mirror. Now TV personality and trans-Atlantic superstar

“Bob Bird and Peter Cox know how the media think, act and indeed enhance and damage reputations with equal aplomb. For 30 years they occupied a 24/7 world in which speed of thought, integrity and results were at the centre of every decision. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business or individual who needs to navigate the media landscape.”

Phil Hall

Founder and Chairman, PHA Media. Phil is an award winning journalist with over 30 years of experience. He was editor of The News of the World for five years, editor-in-chief of and later editorial director of development for Trinity Mirror

“Peter Cox and Bob Bird are among the most media-savvy professionals I have worked with in my career. They both have a unique understanding of the traditional media landscape and the evolving digital platforms. Underpinning everything is their ability to understand stories and issues and how they should be presented to achieve maximum impact.”

Martin Dunn

Editor in chief New York Times and double Pulitzer prize winner. Now runs StreetSmartVideo, internet production company)