Our services


PR is all about getting the message out.

Some firms take that to mean battering out an email and hoping it appears in some form in news print/radio/TV/on social media. Job done.

We don't. We believe in targeting the message to the right executive to MAKE SURE it's used.

That's where our long list of contacts comes in. We know who to talk to. Your message WILL appear.


We'll add the personal touch. Yes, we can do general talks to large numbers of people but we prefer to train in groups of up to six. We'll tailor it totally to YOUR wishes. You only want two hours? Fine. You want a three-day session? Also fine.

We'll take time to make sure each of your team understands the basics first. Then we'll develop their techniques for interviews. We'll make sure they can answer questions in the hubbub of a press call. We'll show them how to keep their cool in front of the cameras.

Then there's the follow-up, if you choose it. Within a couple of days each of your team will get his/her own assessment, our recommendations and the results of a mock interview written as a feature. You can even have a video of the exercise. It's your choice and we'll tailor it all to your needs. And remember, the people Peter Cox and Bob Bird trained are now helping to run all the major national newspapers.


Campaigns R Us. And there's no better way to stage that than through new media. We'll ask you to be honest with us. Guide us to your objectives and then watch the campaign develop. We've had to think fast and act fast in our careers at the sharp end of tabloid newspapers.That's given us the edge when it comes to the immediacy of online exploitation.


Nobody can predict the future. Not even The Editors. Human beings have human weaknesses and even an uncharacteristic slip of the tongue can set off an enormous fire storm.

We can handle it for you. We know who to go to. We know what to say. In the time it takes some PR outfits to track down the right person and begin to find a direct line, we'll have spoken to them and probably found a solution.


The Editors have a wealth of experience in particular niche markets such as Scottish public relations and Travel PR amongst others.