Niche Marketing


This is Scotland's biggest year coming up. Make sure your company is ready for it.

The independence vote. The Commonwealth Games. The Ryder Cup.

It all spells unprecedented OPPORTUNITIES.

The Editors have already started to stockpile ideas to get companies, CEOs and celebrities more exposure.

We know what makes news and how to link our clients with the right features and programmes at the right time.

Both Peter and Bob married Scots women and have spent more than 40 years combined in Scotland. By choice! We know the market.

So don't let your company drop back to observer status in 2014. Be at the front of the news for the most exciting 12 months in modern Scottish history.


Need a representative in Scotland? Then get in touch - we know the country better than you and can save you a small fortune in air fares!


Peter's wife, Kay Cox, is a former Women's Editor and Features Editor of The Sun, launch editor of the Daily Record's health and women's section, Vital, and Travel Editor of the Scottish News of the World. She now runs her own successful freelance agency working with women's weekly and monthly consumer magazines and national newspapers but is available to guide clients of The Editors through the ever-shifting magazine market. She can help you get product mentions or story placements. And she'll help run our celebrity media training sessions.


Peter Cox was travel editor for the Scottish Sun and it's a subject close to his heart. He has close contacts with all the major London-based travel companies and agencies. He wants to use that knowledge to broaden the Scottish travel market and forge better communications and opportunities for the industry north of the border.