The Editors may be new kids on the block in the world of media and PR consultancy. But we have two lifetimes of experience at the top in national newspapers.

Peter Cox and Bob Bird KNOW the men who control the UK's media.
We've dealt with them for years on a one-to-one basis.
And that's what we can bring to YOUR company: the personal touch.

We don't want scores of clients because that means we'll have to do what most PR consultancies and media trainers do…rely on juniors to deal with the problems. We're happy to start small and stay small, if a little expensive.

So The Editors give this guarantee.
We'll be there for you.

One of us will be available 24/7 to firefight any media crisis that comes your way. We'll lead your campaigns and training sessions from the front.

When you hire us, you get US - not a junior substitute.

That doesn't mean we don't have depth. We have experts in event management, filming and presentations to call on. But, yes, we rely on our experience at the top of the tree to bring you the best access to the heads of all media companies.

We'll be able to solve your online difficulties, radio interviews, TV press calls and media training. We'll also be able to place your vital PR stories. And it will be our pleasure to handle those rascals on the red-top tabloids for you!

There are only a handful of journalists with our knowledge out there.
So if editors make you nervous… hand it over to The Editors.

We can sort it, so you don't have to.